A Creative & Seasoned Professional.

Frederick Conforti is President of his real estate development and architectural services company, Conforti Architecture.

His experience and responsibilities include project identification, entitlement, design development, financial negotiations, and project management. Each project begins with the vision and creativity of an Architect and finishes in a cost effective and timely manner.

First educated as an architect, Conforti has developed a unique background in real estate development. He has spent the last twenty years identifying, entitling, and developing a wide range of residential and commercial projects. He earned his Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois, studied abroad at Tongi University in Shanghai, and fulfills his continuing education requirements at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His world-wide travel includes North America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

Conforti’s Parks Edge townhomes won the Platinum Key from HBAGC in 2020, making him a two-time winner of Best in Show.

Conforti Architecture was contracted for project management of the temporary Learning & Performance Center for Mercedes Benz USA in Carol Stream, Illinois in 2021. Pre-planning and feasibility for the new 15MM Learning & Performance Center is expected to be complete in 2022.

A building must be structurally stable, function according to its need, and beautiful in its expression.

~ Quoting the Vitruvian Triad of Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas


Conforti’s appreciation of architecture begins with an intrinsic mix of art and science. That mix of art and science is not limited by the scope of project. Conforti has employed as much vision and creativity in a 900sf summer home as he did with a 7,000sf ski chalet built into the mountainside of Beaver Creek, CO.

Services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Programming
  • Creation of Project Budgets
  • Schematic Design
  • Spatial Studies
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Bidding & Negotiations
  • Contract Administration


The most efficient way for a client to control the fusion of creative design with cost and time is the design-build approach. By serving as both the Architect and general contractor, Conforti can continually assess detailing and construction methodologies with subcontractors and suppliers. Cost-saving ideas can be reviewed with the client and implemented in a more streamlined process.


As an entrepreneur, Conforti has developed an aptitude for adding value to potential developments. His creativity can envision land uses otherwise overlooked. His experience often uncovers public financial incentives and subsequently investor relations. Annexation, re-zoning, assemblage of multiple parcels and land swaps all have been utilized to create more land value than existed previously. Conforti’s Exeter Subdivision in Lisle, IL is a prime example of using all of the above to win not only the Gold Key for Outstanding Architectural Design but the Bronze Award for Land Development in 2005.


On many occasions where the owner has employed a general contractor to perform the work, the owner needs representation. Facilitating the complexities of pay requests, change orders, and construction observation all require years of field experience. Conforti can review assess bank draws, lien waivers, sworn statements, punch lists and close-out related issues.